Matteo Linguiti

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Matteo Linguiti

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Matteo Linguiti is a photographer, director of photography and director.

On set he manages to implement all the diverse competencies of these three roles in one synergic vision.
His experience in fashion and advertising allows him to create images that are both unique and distinctive.

Matteo was born in Southern Italy and at 12 he began shooting wildlife on film. At the same time he acquired extensive experience in developing black and white photography, mastering the necessary patience and refined technique, ultimately becoming a Fine Art print maker after a few years.

During his research and while studying Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering in college, the human element took over and influenced his artistic vision. He lived in different parts of the world and experimented with street photography as well as reportage, which enabled him to improve his speed and his storytelling skills.

With this eclectic background he finally moved to Milan to refine his technique.

After working with internationally acclaimed photographers, directors and DoP's, Mario Testino among others, at 27 Matteo shot his first campaign for Audi, using large format Polaroid 8x10 inch.

Since then, he was hired by the biggest advertising agencies, including McCann-Erickson, DDB, Ogilvy & Mather, DLV, United 1861, to shoot international campaigns for brands such as Gucci, Bulgari, Audi, Vodafone, Campari, Coca-Cola, Sky, Samsung, Adidas, Fiat (FCA), Pepsi, Oral-B and Philip Morris.

He also created fashion editorials for international magazines and directed TV commercials and shot for some of the most important production companies, in Milan, London, Barcelona, New York, Paris, Bogotà (Sancho BBDO), Beirut (Leo Burnett), Cape Town (Vodafone), Shangai, and even Leo Burnett in Kazakhstan (International campaign for Sobranie).

His photographs have often been published on the prestigious advertising magazine Archive.

As fashion film director, he was selected to participate in international festivals (ASVOFF, FashionFilmFestivalMilano) and his films have been screened in important locations such as Centre Pompidou in Paris and Roma Europa Festival.

His first book, "Of beauty and solitude", is the conclusion of an 8-year-long research that resulted in a number of powerful portraits and nudes. The photographs are interspersed with words from the women and together they become fragments of a humanity without masks.
Today Matteo lives between New York and Milan.

"Photography is the most powerful tool to see through things and, if you are lucky, in a fraction of a second you can capture an entire life, especially your own."

These are the words with which Matteo Linguiti expresses his vision.

With his passion for the poetry of the body and its movements, his experience with free diving and his degree in Transactional Analysis Counselling from the prestigious Eric Berne Institute, Matteo brings his rich and diverse life experience and his love for the human soul to his photography. Each one of his photographs is the keyframe of a film, which holds the meaning of Matteo's story in itself. His photography is made of dynamic shots even when the subject is still, as though the camera is moving constantly around the models. He often uses a landscape frame to better translate this cinematographic approach to photography. This is why he can easily switch from photography to video, two different means that can express the same vision.

The tenderness expressed in the photographs, the intensity of the look and the subjects' spontaneity are all due to Matteo's research on the immediacy of the moment and, as a director who is also a photographer, he creates a set, an environment, in which models can move freely. Improvisation and meticulous preparation of the shot and pre-production activity are constantly mixed, to create images that are always unique and result from very different techniques.

His works communicate moods and are equally influenced by the personalities of both the photographer and the model, and each element represented is infused with life.